mercredi 11 novembre 2009

My first chevre

Ever since I left Provence I have missed the goat cheese I bought at the Friday market in Carpentras. What a nice surprise to find that I could buy fresh, unpasteurized goat milk locally! The farmer even told me where to buy the rennet that makes the milk curd.
This is the result of my very first batch of goat cheese. They look and taste very similar to the ones I used to buy in France because I used faisselle containers.
I brought these two for my friend, Dragana, when they were three days old, and she thought they were delicious. They were creamy and had just the right amount of acidity.
I will be experimenting with different herbs and spices, since one gallon of goat milk provides 12 fromages.

A bientot!

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  1. Chantal, I am looking forward to tasting your next batch of goat cheese which I am sure will be excellent. Are you going to try one with tellicherry pepper?